Submission on behalf of the Beachlands Maraetai Whitford group on Auckland's 10-year Budget


This document summarises the results of a five month process involving a range of people from the Beachlands/Maraetai area to prioritise the key initiatives that will best meet the community needs in the Beachlands Maraetai area. This group involved members of the local board, the Auckland City Councillor, Hunua’s Member of Parliament, Iwi representatives, Principals from the two local schools, churches, public transport operators, local medical practitioners, developers, local business owners and other community groups.


Establishing key priorities for the annual plan

A five stage process was adopted:

  1. The first stage involved identifying all the key property developments either underway or proposed in the area. These results were collated and there is now a very definitive view on the changing (and increasing) demographic profile of the area. The population will grow substantially from its current base of 8,892 to 17,358 in 2021.

  2. Using this population profile, we then undertook a review of soft infrastructure in the area (such as review of recreational facilities, swimming pools, health facilities and other such community structures) to assess the likely demand for services.

  3. The final stage involved a review of hard infrastructure, such as physical connectivity between Beachlands and the marina, along the waterfront of Te Puru and, of most concern, transport links between Beachlands Maraetai and Whitford.

  4. After undertaking these studies, we have since determined the key priorities that are of most importance to meet community needs.

  5. The final stage will entail wider consultation with the community of Beachlands Maraetai but, in order to meet the requirements of the annual plan lodgement timetable, we have been forced to submit the Committee’s views.

Ultimately, we would like to see these priorities, as detailed below, incorporated in the long term annual plan.


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"Submission on behalf of the Beachlands Maraetai Whitford group on Auckland's 10-year Budget (2015-2025)"  


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