Our Organisation

The Crimewatch patrol of Beachlands/Maraetai has been around since the mid 1980s providing our community with security and safety, often behind the scenes. Today there are 90 members, we have 3 patrol cars and we are always thinking up new ideas to make our paradise safer. Beachlands has a community policing team of 3. We are aware of the way crime affects people in our community. It's obvious we need more help, if you have some spare time and you think you would like to help us. Give us call on 5366130.

Update October 2016

Phase one has finally been implemented and the camera has been installed at Whitford. The camera will go live within the next few weeks and we are expecting great results. Crime Patrol are currently working on phase two on the instillation of a second camera out in Clevedon to complete the loop. Once this camera has been installed we will then have both ends monitored 24/7. This will allow police to monitor and suspicioius vehicles coming into our community.