13 June 2015 by Malcolm Bell and Angela Fulljames

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Alcohol bans

the Board have been meeting with local community police to build a case to retain bans across Franklin. There will be a public consultation process later this year.

Rural Halls

as you are probably aware Maraetai Hall will be managed by a committee overseen by the Pohutukawa Coast Sea Rescue Trust and Beachlands Hall will be managed by a committee overseen by the Beachlands Community Trust. Both groups are in the process of putting together their committees which are open to anyone in the community to join and prepare for the 1 July handover.

Pine Harbour Walkway

the land is owned by Pine Harbour and the Board is working towards an agreement for easement. Latest thoughts are that low lighting bollards may be the most appropriate solution. The provision of a mains power source has increased the scope of any potential work and it is unlikely that lighting will be completed this winter.

Motukaraka/Flat Island access/Puriri Road steps

awaiting the completion of works at numbers 1 and 3. Discussion between the residents and council staff has been initiated.

Long Term Plan

with consultation now complete and submissions analysed the Board has presented to the Governing Body Budget Committee on the Advocacy projects with Transport being the priority. The Board expects to finalise budgets by 20 May ready for implementation in the new financial year from 1 July.

Beachlands Town Centre

the Board is keen for for the community, businesses, Council and Auckland Transport to work together to restore the gardens and improve the visual aspect of the area.

Beachlands Domain

the Board met with Brian Preston of the Soccer Club to discuss options for future improvements. Scott Malcolm in Auckland Council’s Parks department will co-ordinate marking out junior pitches and oversee additional lighting. The Board also has concerns about the condition of the buildings and are keen to push for improvements.


Beachlands Log Cabin

concerns over the quality of the drinking water have been resolved with the approval of a new water tank with work undertaken by Council staff.


Road naming

the Board reported on a new council policy to contact local communities and historical societies for ideas for new road names. It was commented that the names Seventh View Avenue, Eighth View Avenue etc lie withe developer and not the council. With regards renumbering, any changes are the responsibility of the developer and will need to take into account the impact on NZ Post.

Waiomanu Reserve

Malcolm Bell is the Franklin Local Board representative and is working with Ngai Tai and the Marion Ross Family Trust to resolve access and Maori Heritage issues.

Whitford Domain

the Board have worked with Whitford Tennis Club to gain funds for court resurfacing and for a lease.


School bus pick up point in Whitford

the PCCA raised concerns with the Board regarding the position of the pick up point and the recent accident at the beginning of May. It was suggested Wharf Road could be a better option.


Arts Forum

the Board are encouraging artists across Franklin to make contact with Auckland Council Arts Advisor, Naomi Singer, to help her build a database of the various creative talents and artist media we have locally. This database will form the basis for communicating with this group and encourage networking and ideas generation for supporting arts in Franklin Contact Naomi Singer: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 09 890 7360.

The Community Grant

opens 20 July and closes 31 August.